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sparrows sneaks


Sparrows have been stunning audiences and gaining industry accolades for a long time; showcasing showcasing their arsenal of crushing riffs coupled with intricate and ethereal melodic passages, a sharp sense of dynamics, and vocals that sway effortlessly from delicate to devastating. But while these may seem like familiar staples of the genre, what’s particularly notable about Sparrows is their execution – urgent but organic, stylish but substantial. They borrow more from the likes of Quicksand and Cave In than the contemporary cohort of underdeveloped and overproduced post-hardcore bands.

It’s a sound they’ve refined over the years with engineer/producer Kenny Bridges, the frontman of seminal Canadian melodic punk outfit Moneen and a longtime collaborator with Sparrows, dating back to their debut 2011 EP Goliath. “One thing I’ve learned over the years with Sparrows is we never take the simple route,” Bridges says. “We are always searching for a new sound or new way to approach a song. It’s that creativity that keeps us coming back to work together. They are taking chances that other bands just aren’t taking anymore.”

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High Wire

Every coming of age story starts somewhere. For Chicago, IL quartet High Wire, the story started in different places. In 2012, Iowa natives Cameron Jones (bass, vocals), Mark Nussle (guitar, vocals), and Chris Rymer (guitar) migrated to Chicago together in pursuit of their musical ambitions at the same time Adam Harrington (Drums) left Sydney, Australia to chase his own dreams in music. Since then the band has made a name for themselves in a thriving Chicago punk scene establishing a dedicated fan base and sharing stages with the likes of Goldfinger, Real Friends, You Me and Everyone We Know, Sleep On It, Knockout Kid and more.

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It's challenging when a machine you've invested your life into falls to pieces. But if you're able to salvage the best components to use elsewhere, your investment will never feel wasted. Former Belle Noire vocalist, Joey Lancaster, has been picking up the pieces and constructing a new mechanism he calls “Belle.” Belle Noire formed in 2012 creating an electrifying ambient rock sound that was both “dark and beautiful”. The band released their album, ‘What It Means To Be’ in 2016 and toured in support of the album with notable acts such as Hail The Sun, Eidola, Emery and Strawberry Girls.  After Belle Noire’s farewell, Lancaster, along with touring members, Roman Gonzalez and Rob Verosko, wanted to stay true to what they’ve already established for themselves.  With a new release on Tragic Hero Records coming in 2018, Belle are maintaining a reverberant sound and aim to touch their audiences emotions through sharing their sincerest feelings.

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